Promojam's Social Media Cocktail Handbook 2012 Provides Mixed Drink Recipes

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Have you ever been around a group of people who start talking about social media, leading you to mention the hilarious picture you put up of your cat playing with a ball of string. This in turn leads to everyone laughing at your comment, exposing your naivety towards social media. Yes, those people are most likely pretentious douches, but if you want to keep up with their conversation, Promojam is here to the rescue, with - The 2012 Social Media Cocktail Handbook.

You can download the handbook on the Kindle, Nook, iBook, or the PDF version. Promojam is also giving away a Kindle Fire if you tweet their handbook to your followers.

So what can you expect to find in such a handbook? First, if you really want to impress those people who were laughing at you previously, you can talk about all the big changes in the world of social media. Promojam claims email marketing is going to make a big push, along with the unification of online and offline social media fluidity. You can also talk about how Google+ has a good chance of growing, which will really throw a wrench in those knuckleheads' so called expert conversation.

If you happen to find one of the people in the group attractive, but can't find a way start up a conversation, Promojam provides some social media related ice breakers. Here are a couple of examples.

Either you're best friends with Kevin Bacon or I could swear to God that we're already connected on LinkedIn.

What are you doing three months from now? Because my Facebook Timeline could really use with a relationship status update...

In these kinds of conversations, it's generally good to know people and in this case, people who are relevant in terms of social media. Be careful though, these people laughed at your cat photo, so they'll really have fun at your expense for bringing up a Kardashian. Here's a preview of people to mention in social media conversation, according to Promojam.

Of course, no party would be complete without some tasty beverages. They've provided a good assortment of mixed drinks, for all sorts of occasions.

If you want a hard hitting drink for the Facebook IPO, you can try the 'Zuckerpunch'...

If you find yourself having to walk away from the party because of a couple of important emails hitting your inbox, you can try 'The Rusty Email'...

After reading the entirety of Promojam's handbook, you should have all the tools necessary to turn yourself into the life of the party. Instead of being the person who brings up their cat pictures when talking about social media, become the one who points and snickers at the rube who still uses MySpace.

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