Project Spark Opens Up Beta Registration

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In contrast to their big Xbox One unveiling, Microsoft remembered to bring games to its E3 presentation. However, only one of those games really stood out as different from the games that have become popular on the current generation of consoles. In the midst of trailers for sequels and shooters, the demonstration of Project Spark showed that there is something new and creative to look forward to.

The game is best summarized as a game creation game. Using a seemingly endless number of assets, players can create environments and games to their liking. Players can customize levels, create enemies, and embue other players with powers and items. It's similar in some ways to Minecraft or Little Big Planet, though with a much broader scope and ambition.

Now, players can help shape the final form of Project Spark through a beta test. The Join Project Spark webiste is accepting sign-ups for players who want to participate and get their hands on an early version of the game. It's unclear when the beta will begin, but players will most likely be playing on a PC or Xbox 360, as the Xbox One launches in November.

The montage below give a good overview of the games real developers have already created using Project Spark. The creativity of beta testers is almost certain to come up with even more wild ideas.

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