Printcraft Brings Minecraft Creations To Life With 3D Printing

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People are obviously proud of their elaborate Minecraft creations. Some may even want to create physical versions of their buildings to display for all to see. One company - FigurePrints - uses 3D printers to turn Minecraft creations into reality, but new software lets those who already own a 3D printer make their own.

Printcraft, a multiplayer server for Minecraft, lets players build creations on an in-game representation of a build platform. Once the creation is complete, players can then convert their creation into an STL file that's compatible with 3D printers. Even better, Printcraft has teamed up with MakerBot to allow direct uploads of creations to Thingiverse.

Printcraft from Paul Harter on Vimeo.

What makes Printcraft so amazing is that it has turned the often complicated 3D modeling software into Minecraft. Those with no knowledge of 3D modeling can instead build objects in Minecraft to have them printed on their own 3D printer.

Granted, Printcraft is pretty limited in what it can do compared to traditional 3D modeling software, but it's great for the hobbyists that just want to see their creations come to life.

[h/t: 3ders]

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