Print Media, Video Stores Slipping Into Obsolescence

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Old guard media like newspapers and printed books have not sustained well into the digitized age of information. E-books are selling more than print books and newspapers can't seem to find a way to keep from revenues from scraping the bottom of the well. Even the cozy neighborhood mainstay of movie rental stores are quickly disappearing from the street fronts (can you even remember the last time you visited a Blockbuster, if you can even find one these days?).

These institutions may pluck a nostalgic chord in the minds of consumers and although emerging technology still hasn't been able to duplicate certain aspects of print media (to this day, I cannot abide an e-reader due to the inability to leave marginalia as I read), pithy attachments don't keep the coffers full. These media facets continue to try to find a way to survive yet it's possible that it may be too late for any of them to avoiding a daisy-pushing future in the next twenty (or less!) years. To illustrate the dire straits of traditional media, the aptly titled website put together the following inforgraphic. Given the steady decline evident from this graphic, the forecast appears to hold few if any sunny skies for traditional media outlets.

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