Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas: Will They Marry?

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Prince Harry seems to be rather infatuated with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas. The two have been dating for a while now and friends close to the couple say they have brought up the topic of marriage on more than one occasion.

Cressida is a beautiful girl and a model, but is she right for the royal family? Becoming a part of the royal family means that Cressida would have to follow certain protocols and would be held to certain expectations. Some of Harry’s closest friends say that they aren’t sure Cressida is up to it and that she is just too carefree and set in her ways.

"There is a growing feeling among a small section of them that Cressida isn't the perfect choice for him," a source said about Harry’s group of friends. "I don't think it's because there is anything wrong with the relationship or they don't like her, but there is concern that she is too much of a free spirit to be happy in the royal family long-term. They worry that she wouldn't be able to fully adapt to that lifestyle. They think she's too carefree and would find it difficult to live by the protocol that comes with the job, which of course it is. It might be too much of a constraint for her. And that could cause problems for everyone."

Cressida’s free spirit may be one of the things that Harry finds attractive about her. Harry was once thought to be a bit of a wild child himself and still has his own carefree tendencies. Harry and Cressida have grown much closer over the last few months and even made their first appearance together as a couple at a public event.

Another source close to the royal family believes that Cressida would make a fine wife for Harry and that she would learn to adapt to the ways of the royal family.

"Harry and Cress are just a great fit—she just fits into his life, with his friends. It's all been really easy," the source said. "They spend loads of time together, she has a load of stuff at his place and they're really relaxed and comfortable."

“However, Cressida is fully aware just how drastically her life would change if they got married. Up until now, Cressida has loved the fact they can have a lot of freedom in public. But they are fully aware once they decide to proceed to marriage things will get a little crazy and the attention on them will increase."

Do you think Cressida and Harry will get married soon and do you think she is royal material?

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