Prince George Reportedly Being Stalked By Photographer

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According to a statement issued by Kensington Palace, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have pursued legal action against a photographer for allegedly bothering their son, Prince George. The photographer had reportedly been trying to take pictures of Prince George at a central London park while he was out walking with his nanny, which was the last straw for the royal couple.

According to BBC royal editor Nicholas Witchell, palace officials believe that the behavior of the photographer concerning Prince George was tantamount to “stalking.”

“There is reason to suspect that the individual may have been placing Prince George under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines for a period of time. The Duke and Duchess understand the particular public role that Prince George will one day inherit but while he is young, he must be permitted to lead as ordinary a life as possible,” said Kensington Palace officials.

The freelance photographer had supposedly been told off by royal protection officers for his behavior on previous occasions over the last five years, said a source close to the royals to the Evening Standard. “Just like any parent, the Duke and Duchess want Prince George to have the freedom to safely experience normal childhood activities, like going to the park and playing with other children, without the threat of harassment or being placed under surveillance,” said the source.

In the United Kingdom, only sanctioned photos of Prince George have been printed in newspapers, but unauthorized pictures of the royal toddler have appeared abroad, reported the Evening Standard.

Prince William could be taking steps to protect Prince George from being hounded by paparazzi in the same way his mother, Princess Diana, was pursued. Prince George’s grandmother died in a car crash in 1997 after she sped away from paparazzi who were pursuing her.

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