'Pretty Little Liars' Picked up for Two More Seasons

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Pretty Little Liars fans can breathe a sigh of relief — ABC Family has picked up the show for an additional two seasons.

"Pretty Little Liars has taken its place in the zeitgeist and reigns supreme in pop culture," said ABC Family president Tom Ascheim. "I am glad to bring another two seasons to our audience because 'A' has a lot in store for our Liars."

The announcement came Tuesday — the same day as the fifth season premiere.

The show continues to hold the record as the most-tweeted scripted-series telecast of all time and is the No. 1 series in the history of ABC Family.

The season five premiere is called "EscApe From New York" and rejoins the drama with Aria and the Liars reeling from Ezra's shooting at the hands of "A."

Ali's return added even more drama to Ezra and Aria's love story and there are speculations that a love triangle might bring even more plot twists.

"There's also a chance for another love triangle that some fans have been talking about and that's Alison, Emily and Paige," said show creator Marlene King.

King hinted that Caleb and Hanna might get it on again since Caleb is returning to the show.

The new season is expected to focus on Ali and the mystery of her disappearance. Some fans suspect that the real Ali is actually dead and it is her twin Courtney who is the real 'A', creating mayhem in the other liar's life.

"Next season, it really is all about Ali coming back," said King. "Has she changed? Can we trust her? How does her being back affect the liars, and affect their friendship, their dynamic and their relationships with boys and girls so it's going to be fun."

The sixth season is set to debut in mid-2015, while the seventh season is expected to bow in mid-2016.

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