Presidents Day Gets Cool Theme From Bing

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Today the United States is celebrating Presidents Day, the holiday that celebrates our first president, George Washington, or George Washington & Abraham Lincoln, or all the leaders of our country - depending on who you ask. Presidents Day (or Presidents' Day) is the common term for the actual federal holiday celebrating Washington's Birthday on the third Monday in February. Washington's real birthdate is February 22nd.

In celebration of the day, Bing's homepage features a wonderful tribute. If you visit Bing today, you'll see the Washington Monument, surrounded by waving American flags with the U.S. Capitol sitting off in the background. Here's how it looks, animated:

The search box features some clickable boxes that lead to Bing searches for related Presidents Day topics. The first takes us to a generic search for "Presidents Day," while the others prompt searches for more specific things like the Washington Monument, last year's earthquake that damaged the Monument, and photos of the Lincoln Memorial (I mean, it's sort of his holiday too).

Bing also links to this guy's YouTube video on wacky Presidential facts:

Bing's Presidents Day theme is really cool in my opinion, and it's better than Google's Doodle for the holiday. That's because Google doesn't have a Doodle for Presidents Day today (and haven't really in the past either).

It's not like Google's slighting our first Prez for some weird reason - I mean, there are a lot of things that happen each and every day. Google can't make a Google Doodle for everything. But they did have one for the 125th anniversary of the largest snowflake ever

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