President Obama's Speech Dominated Facebook, Too

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Today, the folks over at Twitter gave us some big news concerning President Obama's nomination acceptance speech at the closing night of the Democratic National Convention: he broke a record. In terms of politically-themed tweets, Obama set a tweets per minute record at 52,756 as his speech came to a close. Overall, the DNC saw over 9.5 million tweets over the course of the week.

Now, the U.S. Politics and Government team over at Facebook have some stats of their own, and they show that it wasn't just Twitter that saw Obama dominate the conversation.

Not only did Obama dominate the conversation last night, but his mentions beat those of former President Bill Clinton by 40% on the night he delivered his impassioned speech.

He also generated more Facebook buzz than Romney on the night of his speech.

Here's the post from Facebook's U.S. Politics page:

U.S. Politics on Facebook

Fresh insights on the heels of President Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight: -
"Obama" was the top trending term overall across U.S. Facebook users tonight.
- Obama mentions tonight were 40% higher than President Bill Clinton mentions from last night.
- Obama mentions tonight were almost 200% higher (192%) than Romney mentions from the night of his speech.
- While mentions of Obama have remained steady (and high) throughout the convention, his speech led to an increase of almost 800% in mentions of “Obama."

Of course, dominating the conversation on Twitter or Facebook doesn't necessarily signal anything positive for the campaign. Mentions on either site could be postive or negative - all we know is that the President generated buzz with his speech. A whole hell of a lot of it.

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