President Obama's iPad Among The Million Apple IDs Leaked

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The big ticket news item this morning came from one of Anonymous' biggest stunts in months. The group claimed to have gained access to 12 million unique device IDs that are used across all of Apple's iOS products including the iPhone and iPad. Anonymous only leaked 1 million IDs, but one of them already has everybody talking.

After news of the dump broke out, everybody began crafting software that would allow people to check their ID against the leaked database. It was soon found that one ID belonged to that of President Obama. The iPad in question has its device name set to "hobamain." As Mashable points out, the device name is a mash up of "Obama", "Main" and the first letter of Obama's middle name.

Of course, it's just as likely that this isn't Obama's iPad. There could be any number of people out there who would use that specific character set for their device's name. It's highly unlikely though which leads to the current speculation. Is this a national security risk? Not likely. I doubt that President carries any sensitive data on his iPad anyway.

The same program that found out Obama's Apple ID also has some other interesting statistics. Over 42,000 iPhone owners were too lazy to change their device ID to something other than "iPhone." Interestingly enough, a lot of people named John must buy iPads as "John's iPad" is the device ID for over 1,000 iPads.

Anonymous claims to still have over 11 million IDs and they very well could release more. We'll continue to follow the story as it develops. If anything, it should finally convince Apple to do away with its unique device ID system.

[Image Credit: Pete Souza/White House]

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