President Obama's Facebook Page Flooded By Egyptian Protesters

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In the past 24 hours, Egyptians have deluged U.S. President Barack Obama's Facebook page with comments protesting a recent development in Egypt's presidential elections. The outpouring of comments comes as a result of Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, who represents the Muslim fundamentalist Salafis, having been disqualified from the election due to the discovery that his late mother was a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Last year, following the revolt that toppled then-President Hosni Mubarak, a rule was enacted for presidential elections wherein candidates must not possess citizenship for any other country other than Egypt, but their parents must not be citizens for any other countries, as well. An Egyptian electoral commission has disclosed that Abu Ismail's mother had "used an American passport for travel to and from" Egypt. According to the documents, Abu Ismail's mother became a naturalized citizen in October 2006.

Abu Ismail has denied the allegations and declared the claims to be a conspiracy against him to invalidate his presidential campaign. Meanwhile, legions of his supporters have flooded President Obama's Facebook page with comments ranging from warnings against the United States for participating in the conspiracy to pleas earnest urging the U.S. government to confirm that Abu Ismail's mother did not in fact possess U.S. citizenship. Several comments simply have an as ASCII-type graphic that simply display's Abu Ismail's first name:

President Obama's Facebook page

The comments are being left in posts that are largely irrelevant to the Egyptian elections, such as one post containing a video of singer Janelle Monáe expressing her support for President Obama. Many of the comments were left in Arabic, but several were also in English.

  • Call for honest American people:
    Honest American people we are seeking your help to stop a fraud against our presidential candidate in Egypt, and to ask your president to let Egypt practice the real democracy without any kind of falsification

    USA government has lied too many times about Vietnam, Iraq , Afghanistan, and Palestine . We Egyptians will not allow your government to lie to us about our presidential candidate "Hazem Salah Abu Ismail"-just because he said "Egypt will never be suppressed by Israel or USA anymore; and he will only accept mutual respect with USA.
    USA authorities in compliance with Egyptian military are trying to disqualify our candidate from the elections by a very silly lie which is that (his mother has obtained the American nationality before she died). Almost 10 days now and nobody until this moment showed us any official document to prove it( is it that hard to prove it or they are just playing a very dirty political game to distort the image of our candidate after the huge increase of his supporters all over Egypt and the world)
    According to Egyptian law "A Candidate running for presidential elections must be of pure Egyptian parents- none of his parents can hold any other nationality at anytime)

    Honest American people we are seeking your help to stop this fraud, and to ask your president to let Egypt practice the real democracy without any kind of falsification.

  • The people of Egypt tells you you Obama ::: ---- live with dignity ..... ............. dirty despite your plans and we took the decision that we will break the dependency constraints we will not give you ... . and we will hang your customer Hosni Baaaaaaaaaaaaarak ........ ............ Egypt's youth are free to live .. freedom ... social justice, human dignity ....... .. ...... glory to God, glory to the martyrs and the victory of Egypt, God willing .......... We are firm despite the haters hate
  • Obama is a liar, and the Egyptian military is also a liar, and the Egyptian people we do not want only the dignity and freedom of our country or world and Egypt believe Hazem Abu Ismail and Nkzpkm of you because we are accustomed to lie ... I will live with dignity and glory of the martyrs
  • becareful obama if you prove that hazem's mother is an american so hazem also is an american too .... and you will not be president no more ... because we will support hazem to be president of usa 🙂
  • Obama Beware wrath of the Egyptian people of Israel not far from us but did not leave us the freedom to choose our president, do not blame only yourself and the U.S. embassy is also not far from Tahrir Square's youth Egypt will not accept humiliation and shame and dominance of the American administration by Vibta for our candidate Hazem Abu Ismail and stop fraud nationality of his mother أوباما إحذر غضب الشعب المصرى إسرائيل ليست بعيده عنا وإن لم تترك لنا حرية إختيار رئيسنا فلا تلوم إلا نفسك والسفارة الامريكيه أيضا ليست بعيده عن ميدان التحرير فشباب مصر لن يقبل بالذل والهوان ولا بهيمنة الاداره الامريكيه عليها فأبعدوا عن مرشحنا حازم ابو اسماعيل وتوقفوا عن تزوير جنسية والدته
  • We will fight our battle to the end and WE TRUST IN GOD we will win.{YES WE CAN !!} with the aid of ALLAH we will live with DIGNITY .Hazem Abu Ismail is not just a person,but he is an idea lives in us. If you want to remove Hazem ,you have to kill all of us!!.
  • As you can see, the comments are considerably more grave than the "sarcasm bombing" embraced by American protestors against anti-choice politicians.

    [Via BBC.]

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