President Obama Heckled During Recent Speeches

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Apparently, this is the week to get your two cents in with Obama:

During a speech given at Ohio State University, President Obama had to deal with hecklers, as respect for the position he holds continues to erode in the eyes of those who believe differently. The Commander in Chief had to deal with audience member interruptions one more than one occasion, as one audience member challenged the President to read a book he was holding. The lead video reveals the exchange quite clearly, and has also transcribed the exchange:

"Sir, I'm here to speak to these folks. You can hold your own rally. You're being rude. ... I'm trying to talk to these people... I'll be happy to read your book. If you want to give me your book, I'll be happy to read it but don't interrupt my conversation with these folks. Show me some courtesy. I'll be happy to take your book, but don't interrupt everybody else. Alright?"

The President then instructed his aides to retrieve the book, and while no one outside of that particular circle will ever truly know what happens to the book (or the hecklers), it appears as if they obliged. As for the additional hecklers, they are unhappy with what's going on with the Keystone XL project, which Politco describes as:

Obama’s visit to a state [Oklahoma] where he lost all 77 counties four years ago will be to tout TransCanada’s plans to build the southern portion of the Keystone XL that would be intended to relieve a surplus of oil stored here in Cushing down to Texas refineries.

Considering the recent outcry, some may be surprised to find Obama's approval ratings remain steady.

The President was also heckled during a press conference when he was discussing Guantanamo.

The BBC also has additional footage (non-embeddable) where the President discusses the concepts of the First Amendment with the female heckler, who has been identified as Medea Benjamin an activist and founder of Code Pink, an organization that is firmly against war.

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