Pre-Facebook IPO All-Night Hacking Tournament

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Many people think that at Facebook HQ in California, all of the Facebook coworkers and interns work hard and stay focused around the clock to make sure your favorite social network has all the functionality, uptime, and credibility it needs. This is a very true statement; however, sometimes, some good crazy camaraderie is healthy for the productivity of the business work flow. With Facebook's big upcoming IPO event happening, this camaraderie is important more than ever, because it is so important to the business as a whole.

Tonight, to help celebrate the company's upcoming IPO, many Facebook employees will be staying up all night to participate in an overnight "hackathon," much like from The Social Network's hacking scene (posted below).

During the hackathon, expect some new ideas for the social networking site to be conjured up, because many other features on Facebook have come out of hackathons as well. For a full defintion of what a "Facebook Hackathon" is, I have provided an elaborate quote from TechCrunch below.

"Facebook Hackathons are a chance for employees to work on half-baked ideas and turn them into real products that eventually get shipped. Everything from Facebook’s chat system to an early version of Timeline called 'Memories' have come out of Hackathons."

For those employees who think that sleep is not optional, you may find pictures added to the company's Sleeping at FB album.

There has been some pretty good Twitter reaction to this upcoming hackathon as well:

Facebook to pull an all-night hackathon that will end when Zuckerberg rings Nasdaq's opening bell from Menlo Park:
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i love that Facebook is doing an all night hackathon before the IPO. that's one way to keep the team focused on the product!
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