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How To Get PR For Your Tech Startup

How can you make your tech startup stand out? Through the careful use of pr for your tech startup. Learn how in the info below....
How To Get PR For Your Tech Startup
Written by Brian Wallace
  • PR is the most cost-effective strategy for an early-stage tech startup.

    Press placements have 6x the visibility and 3x the credibility of an advertisement of the same size or length.

    Hence, PR means more brand awareness and new customers.

    The significance of PR cannot be underestimated, especially when the tech industry is witnessing fierce competition post-pandemic and showing exponential growth with an estimated CAGR of 5% through 2024.

    However, getting PR for a startup tech company is challenging if you are not aware of the strategies to impress editors.

    This article will help you understand what PR is, the advantages of PR, and share some of the best tips to acquire great PR for your startup.

    Let’s begin!

    What is PR?

    PR stands for public relations which is the strategic communication by the company to the public to educate the consumers about new product launches or features.

    PR has the ability to build your brand’s credibility that your consumers can trust because it is also driven by factual reviews and opinions by third-party.

    Why PR Is Essential For Startups?

    Here are some solid reasons why PR is essential for startups:

    1- Increases Credibility

    PR has the ability to build your brand’s credibility that your consumers can trust because it is driven by factual reviews and opinions by third-party. Therefore, PR content are considered unbiased and genuine.

    Also, when a third-party writes or speaks positively about your brand, they endorse your company’s expertise and leadership, which makes content more valuable.

    As a result, consumers show interest in engaging with such content and get into conversation, which further helps the brand boost their credibility.

    2- Positions Your Brand as a Category Leader

    PR content pieces demonstrate your expertise and specialization in the form of news, which adds unique touch and value to your content.

    They explain how you are different from the rest of your competitors in the market and why someone should choose your company.

    It helps separate your company from your competitors in a positive way and position your brand self as an expert in your field.

    3- Boosts Lead Generation

    Well-planned PR strategies comprise the right messages and convincing call-to-action.

    They work together to make your brand more discoverable and attract more leads while developing your company’s credibility and reputation in the market.

    4- Attracts Investors

    PR can also overcome the most challenging part of funding a startup.

    A masterful PR campaign ensures you get plenty of buzz and get your company introduced to potential investors.

    PR content creators also leverage the power of your past investors to encourage new investors to support your company.

    Since PR is an effective means of getting publicity, it helps you to attract the attention of investors looking for the next promising startup to back.

    Tips To Acquire PR For Your Startup

    Here are some proven tips you can use to acquire PR for your startup:

    1- Find Journalists Who Cover Your Niche

    Look for journalists who write for businesses in your industry.

    Experienced and niche-expert journalists will provide you with press content that is industry-specialized and explain your business well. Plus, they will get you faster press coverage through the right channels.

    2- Pitch A Story

    Instead of simply asking a journalist to write about your business, pitch a story.

    Stories catch attention and create an emotional connection. Also, PR is mostly about a story. Therefore, it is essential to learn the art of pitching a story. Take a look at these pitch email examples and learn how to approach journalists with your story.

    You can start with sharing your company’s mission or an innovative vision that revolves around the reason or purpose of launching your product or services. Moreover, the purpose should be intended to help others. Remember to avoid any sales pitch to avoid boredom. 

    3- Share Quality Content Consistently

    Journalists look for the reputation or the market presence of a company before accepting PR requests or writing about them.

    Hence, develop an online presence by sharing ongoing changes in your company and information-packed content consistently through social media channels or your own website.

    This way editors will find your company’s information newsworthy and get a reason to write about you. 

    4- Follow-Up Emails Wisely

    Follow-up emails are highly effective in landing responses that you missed out in the first round.

    When you send your first mail, wait for a few days before following up. It is a good idea to have a tool to track email activity so that you get a notification if the recipient opens your email.

    If you do not receive any response even after the recipient opens your email, send a follow-up mail with more information.

    It is recommended to follow up at least three times for each contact.

    Several Examples of PR

    Let us check out the best examples of PR that tech startups can learn from:

    1- Happsy

    Happsy is an organic mattress manufacturer that planned to utilize a press release to announce its launch but with a twist.

    Instead of simply announcing their product launch, they found an angle to hook a vast audience and leverage product pricing as their USP.

    Here is a press release with the heading containing the words accessible to everyone to get the attention of the journalists.

    Since organic products are usually expensive, the press release hit the journalists’ and audiences’ attention by presenting Happsy organic mattresses’ affordability as an USP in the news.

    2- Gerber

    Gerber, a brand for early child nutrition experts, released news that narrated a well-rounded story. It was touching, had a compelling image, and had feel-good quotes from key players.

    The story not only left the readers satisfied but also made them look forward to more. Plus, the narrative prompted journalists to cover follow-up stories.

    3- Gojo

    This press release by Gojo immediately grabbed news reporters’ attention because the news covered the story of donating 16,000 liters of hand sanitizer to local hospitals.

    The news spreads the message that everyone should care about society during adverse conditions.

    In Summary

    Reputation is one of the primary pillars for any successful tech company. This is true for every company, no matter the size or industry.

    While it is possible for a tech startup to operate a business with little or no PR efforts, it is unlikely that the company will ever succeed in the industry or key markets.

    Using the above tips and examples, tech companies can actively engage in highly effective PR and capture the attention of customers and prospects.

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