Powerball Jackpot Estimated at $360 Million


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Get those lucky numbers ready, folks, because anyone who can buy a lottery ticket in the United States has a shot at the recently-updated Powerball jackpot, and it's a big one. According to reports, lottery officials estimate the new total to be around the $360 million. The cash option for the third largest Powerball jackpot is almost $230 million, which would result in a pretty nice payday for the winner(s), regardless of the taxation commitments. As you're probably aware, the odds of winning the lottery are incredibly long, something that's perfectly illustrated by an infographic posted over at PopSci.com.

To put it simply, you have a much better chance of getting dealt a true Royal Flush than you do winning the lottery (1 in 649,740 versus 1 in 135-175 million). That being said, if you want a shot at the big money, you have to throw your hat into the ring. Furthermore, a 1 in 200 million chance is better than having a zero percent shot at the jackpot.

The next drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21st, meaning you have some time to run out and get your Powerball tickets. If you don't win, don't fret. Be happy knowing you contributed to the next Powerball jackpot and go on about your day. Of course, if you win, all bets are off. You'll probably singing the following song a great deal:

But what else would you do? Donate it all? Spend it frivolously? Disappear from society to live on some huge estate in a foreign country? Or would you try to live the same kind of life you have now?