Powerball Jackpot: $425 Million Ticket Sold


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If you are in the state of California, and you just happened to buy your Powerball ticket at a gas station in Milpitas, you may want to go check to see if you have the winner.

Turns out that there was a single winning Powerball ticket worth about $425 million sold at a gas station in Milpitas, California. The winning numbers for that ticket were 1, 17, 35, 49, 54, and 34. The Powerplay was 3X.

Unless the ticket was purchased as part of a “workplace pool”, there's a good change one lucky California native or visitor will have hundreds of millions of dollars all to themselves.

That is, if he or she were to opt for the yearly annuity payments. The lump sum or cash option will grant them at least $227.8 million before taxes. Many have chosen to simply “take the money and run” and with so much money up for grabs it would be hard to blame them if they asked for all their cash at once.

While many will be disappointed to have not claimed the big prize, there's still plenty of reasons to be excited. There were a about a dozen Powerball tickets that that missed out the jackpot by a single number, however the ticket owners will still walk away with quite a bit of cash. Someone in Texas managed to match five numbers with the Powerplay, gifting that person a ticket worth $2 million.

There were $1 million tickets sold in each of the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

In all there were 2,678,556 winners, and a total $36,295,345 worth of non-jackpot cash was won between all but one ticket buyers. As of right now, the lucky winner has yet to step forward. He or she may not even be aware they have the winning ticket. It’s not unheard of for individuals to accidentally lose or throw away winning tickets or forget all about having bought them.

If that’s you and you are in the area, consider this your reminder. Go check your tickets right now and good luck to you!

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