Power of the People: Kellogg's Dumps Breitbart.com... so Breitbart's Readers Dumping Kellogg's

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We don't often comment on politics here at WebProNews.com, but I thought it was interesting to lay out the facts of a major brands decision (Kellogg) to suspend ads on a popular conservative website (Breitbart.com) and that sites' attempt to fight back.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is an important principal of democracy and for an advertiser to make a public pronouncement that Breitbart.com does not carry their values is disturbing, considering that the site holds the same views for the most part as Trump, his 60 million voters and Brietbart's 45 million readers. The site is not racist in the slightest, so is Kellogg saying that they don't want their products consumed by Breitbart readers, Trump supporters or conservatives?

Breitbart started a petition against Kellogg yesterday which already has over 120,000 signatures.

Go here to sign.

Fact: Breitbart.com is a conservative site with its own paid writers as well as many contributors, just like most other mainstream news websites and liberal sites such as the Huffington Post.

Fact: Breitbart.com is not a white nationalist site and has been slandered by the national media seeking to disempower the Trump administration since he hired Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart. Trump, Bannon, Breitbart and their readers, voters and supporters are America First Conservatives, not racists, Nazi sympathizers or any other unsupported slanderous lie put out there by those that politically disagree with America First Nationalism.

Fact: There is no evidence presented by the media that Breitbart is a white nationalist site or racist in any way. There was an article headline that used the term "renegade jew", which proved nothing considering that the story was from a contributing Jewish writer referring to an issue about Israel. The racist accusation has been totally debunked, yet Kellogg can't see past political hyperbole.

Fact: News sites have many points of views expressed in their articles and the media knows that every article isn't the exact point of view of management. For instance Arianna Huffington or AOL is not responsible for every article or headline that included the word Jew...
I’m Not a Hypochondriac, I’m Just a Jew - Huffington Post
Seth Cohen, The Manic Pixie Jewish Boy - Huffington Post
Don’t Call Me Jew - Huffington Post
The Fat Jew Latest to Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast - Huffington Post

Fact: Kellogg bought in hook, line and sinker to the slanderous lie that Breitbart.com is a white nationalist site, or are they just against American's who voted for Trump? From Bloomberg: “We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” said Kris Charles, a spokeswoman for Kellogg, which also makes Frosted Flakes and Special K cereal. “We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on Breitbart.com. We are working to remove our ads from that site.”

The problem here is politics and the mainstreaming of slander by the media. At worst, Breitbart is the Huffington Post of the political right. Nothing more and nothing less. It's the responsibility of brands like Kellogg to see through the fog of disinformation by Trump's political opponents before, in effect, disparaging all of his voters and all of Breitbart's readers.

The question for Kellogg and other advertisers is, do you really want to pick sides, liberal vs. conservative? Is that good for shareholders and is that good for your brand?

Rich Ord