Portal 2 DLC For PlayStation Move is on the Way


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November 6 is a big day. It's election day in the U.S. More importantly, it's also launch day for Halo 4.

Sony is trying its best to take some wind out of Microsoft's sails, though, and will be releasing a PlayStation Move compatible version of Portal 2 via the PlayStation Network on November 6. The game will be 30% off for PlayStation Plus members and those who already own Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 will receive the PlayStation Move upgrade in a free patch.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sixense Studios announced it has collaborated with Sony and Valve to bring PlayStation Move support to Portal 2. Better yet, what's being called a "motion DLC campaign" for Portal 2 will also be available next Tuesday for $10.

Called Portal 2 In Motion, the DLC will provide players with new test chambers requiring players to use new powers. One of the new abilities is the scaling and rotation of objects, as well as grabbing and placing objects from a distance. As demonstrated in the video below, this ability will allow players to distort companion cubes and other objects to function as bridges or sit on more than one switch. Another power Sixslide calls "portal surfing" allows players to slide an active portal along a surface.