Portal 2 Brings Co-Op Level Creation And Coupons To PC Gamers

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Valve is never truly finished with a game. Barring their continued lack of support for Half-Life, the developer continues to add new updates to all of their games. Their latest game, Portal 2, has received some pretty meaty updates over the past year including a level editor. The level editor is now becoming more awesome.

The guys at Valve call it the "Perpetual Testing Initiative" and its goal is to provide a limitless supply of puzzles to Portal 2 players around the world. Until now, the level editor was only built for single-player puzzles, but one half of the core game is built around co-op. That's why Valve has now expanded the level editor to let people create co-op puzzles.

Valve knows that a lot of us don't have any friends to play these co-op puzzles with though. That's why all Portal 2 owners will receive a 75 percent off Portal 2 coupon in their Steam inventory today. They can give the coupon to a friend so they can pick up Portal 2 on the PC for only $5.

They have also added a quick play feature to Portal 2. It will create a randomly generated playlist of the top rated Portal 2 user created levels. It's never ending so you can keep playing until your eyes bleed or you become a potato, whichever one comes first.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they recorded any new lines for everybody's favorite Aperture founder - Cave Johnson. The first level editor update did though and you can listen to all the lines here. Here's hoping that Portal 2 gets some story content later on that brings more Cave Johnson fun to the Portal 2 faithful. It would be enough to get me playing the game again.

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