Porsha Williams Downgraded On RHOA


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Porsha Williams was a main character on the reality show The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but now she has been downgraded from being one of the stars to only having a reoccurring role on the show.

There have been numerous rumors about the reason for the downgrade, but Bravo host Andy Cohen claims that it was caused from a lack of storyline on Williams’ part. Producers seemed to think that Porsha didn’t give them enough drama or entertainment to merit keeping her as a main cast member.

“Really, it was about the amount of story we got from Porsha this season. We went into it assuming she would be a full housewife, holding a peach. We just haven’t gotten enough to merit that,” Cohen said.

Porsha has been a popular character on the show for the last two years, and even managed to cause some big fights with the other cast members.

Although Porsha is undoubtedly disappointed in the news, she does not seem very upset about it and said that she was grateful for the experience, happy to still have a reoccurring role on the show and excited to have the time to try new things and work on expanding her career.

“This moment is bittersweet, but God has been so amazing to me, and I think this is a perfect time for me to spread my wings, and finally focus on all of my upcoming projects. In addition to having my recurring role on RHOA, I will be able to focus my attention on my career as an Entertainment Correspondent, recording my album, building my businesses, and taking baby step towards nurturing my relationship with my new love!” Williams said according to Radar Online.

In spite of the downgrade, Cohen has promised that Williams will still be on the show often and that the network could always decide to bring her back as a regular in upcoming seasons.