Porsha Williams Compared Gays With Drug Dealers?

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Porsha Williams is already dealing with the fallout from her fight with fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. Given Moore’s behavior towards Williams, some viewers may have been on her side.

However, TMZ has unearthed religious remarks by Williams that might cost her quite a bit of sympathy in terms of the gay viewership.

It seems that in the past Williams was an evangelist. In a video that was shot at the High Praise Christian Center Ministries about three years ago, you can hear her discuss saving lost souls like hookers, drug dealers, persons who have attempted suicides, and gay men and women.

“We’re supposed to be trying to save them!” said an impassioned Williams. Not just save them, but tell them they are “worthy”.

“God can use you like he used me,” Williams said.

The point of William’s message seems to be that no one is perfect and that you should not be too good to reach out to, help, and encourage others. Unfortunately her manner of making the point is unarguably problematic.

The response from the Williams camp (when she gives one—there’s been no comment to TMZ about the video so far...) will likely be that she’s coming from a place of Christian love and compassion.

The thing is, the condescending intolerance found in these type of rants are of no comfort to gay men and women and are just another form of religious bigotry.

It’s no secret that Christianity views being gay as a sin and believes that anyone who is remotely anything but straight is going to Hell. However, suggesting that gay men and women are the equivalent of drug dealers? A bit much to say the least.

It's also important to touch on the fact that persons who have attempted suicide need emotional support and medical and professional assistance....not religious presumptions about their condition that are often unsympathetic and judgmental.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta show is a hotbed for drama and talking points. It's quite certain that this footage will likely serve as something else to keep people talking about the reality TV show and its cast.

What do YOU think: Was this a homophobic rant or was Porsha’s heart in the right place? Comment your feelings about the video below!

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