Porsha Stewart Under Fire For Underground Railroad Notion


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Many fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta definitely felt reality TV star Porsha Stewart really put her foot in her mouth. According to her RHOA cast-mate model Cynthia Bailey, Stewart's grandfather, civil rights activist, Hosea Williams would be 'rolling in his grave'.

The unfortunate part was that it didn't appear she really knew the magnitude of her oblivion.

The episode centered around the ladies' trip to Savannah, GA. Stewart's co-star Nene Leakes actually orchestrated the trip, and the ladies were scheduled to tour some of the city's historical landmarks. When they visited the First African Baptist Church, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad were mentioned reported People Magazine.

During the tours, Stewart actually voiced that she always thought the underground railroad was a real railroad with an actual train, as opposed to the phrase being a symbolic connotation. While some would consider the notion bad enough, her perspective only got worse.

Stewart goes on to elaborate as she claims someone actually 'built' the Underground Railroad and 'put' people into the railroad beneath the floor. She actually pointed at the crevices of the floor where "people crawled under to escape slavery."

"There has to be an opening for the railroad," she said.  It was definitely evident that Stewart was quite perplexed by the new discovery.

Stewart's cast-mates immediately felt some kind of way about her warped understanding of the historical story.  In so many words, she was definitely called 'dumb'. "Ding Dong!," said Leakes. “It is not a real train. It is not a real railroad!”, shouts Kandi Burruss. “Girl where was you in history in school?”, Phaedra Parks chimed in. “It is almost hurtful for me to see her be so dumb," added cast-mate Kenya Moore.

Stewart then takes things a step further, and her rendition of history gets even worse. “Notice the items on the floor in the shape of a diamond. So the underground railroad was passing below us. So this is where they caught air as they were moving below us. There is four feet of height below in which ordinary was a crawl space. These were ventilation holes. To this date we do not know how they got from in and out of this church.”

It is quite apparent that she still doesn't get it. She continues questioning the information. “Well there got to be an opening at someplace for the railroad! Somebody is driving the train. It is not an electric one like the one we got now is it.”

Fans may just have to excuse Stewart's remarks due to her recent divorce from her estranged husband, ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart. Let's just say she had a lot on her mind! However, this isn't the first time she's been caught in an odd situation over a dumb comment. Let's just hope it doesn't happen yet again!

Image via Twitter | Porsha Williams