Popular Vote: Will Obama Take That, Too?

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While the days leading up to the election were stressful for the parties involved, perhaps even more stress was laid upon the shoulders of each candidate's supporters on election night. It seemed like a very tight race for hours, sometimes even coming within a few hundred votes for some states.

Shortly before midnight, however, President Obama won the necessary amount of Electoral College Votes needed to bring him back to office for another term. Today, many are left wondering where he stands with the popular vote, which was predicted to be another close race.

Romney held a slight lead as of last night, before many of the western states had been accounted for. But Nate Silver of the New York Times says Obama will more than likely top his opponent by the time it's all said and done.

"Mr. Obama is also likely to win the popular vote, perhaps by two to three percentage points, once votes from California, Oregon and Washington are fully counted," Silver wrote.

Obama earned a record number of racial minority voters this year, which helped him considerably in key states. He was able to take almost all of the swing states by storm, although not all of the counts are in just yet.

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