PopKey Is the GIF Keyboard You've Desperately Wanted

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Now that you've used iOS 8's new third-party keyboard option to use SwiftKey or other swipe text keyboards (because who wasn't waiting for that?), please be alert to the fact that there is now an all-GIF keyboard that you can download. Right now.

We've all been communicating in animated GIFs for some time now. It's pretty much a new language. Don't lie – you know you do it all the time.

The problem with this is that is takes too many steps to find, secure, and transmit the proper GIF reaction to any text. First you have to go find the GIF online, copy it, and paste it into your text field. PopKey, announced awhile ago, makes it much, much easier and has just hit the App Store today.

Like other third-party keyboards, all you have to do is download the app, go to your general settings, tap keyboards, and add PopKey to your existing keyboard list.

Once you have it set up, PopKey is pretty simple to use. Select the keyboard inside your text convo, and you can choose from a ton of reaction GIFs, sorted by various categories. There's a tab full of tags like 'happy', 'shocked', 'not amused', and many more – which will pull up various GIFs that fit that feeling.

There are also options to browse recently used GIFs as well as favorited and featured GIFs.

You can also upload your own favorite GIFs and add them to the keyboard.

If you click on a GIF, it'll preview for you. All you have to do to use it is paste it into your text field.

PopKey's going to be a hit – there's really no way that it won't be. Just remember, GIFing is a privilege. Don't abuse the power.

Image via PopKey, iTunes

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