Pope, Meet Twitter: Best of the #AskPontifex Hashtag

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As you may have heard, the pope is now on Twitter. Pope Benedict actually sent out his first tweet over a year ago, but it was from an official Vatican account. This time, the pope is opening up his own personal account.

Well, as "personal" as an official papal account can be. Vatican officials say that all the tweets coming from the account will be the pope's very own words. But they'll mostly come from his masses, weekly affirmations and the like.

Except for the account's big debut. On December 12th, the pope will begin his time on Twitter by answering select questions from the Twitter population. The Vatican asked users to submit their questions via the #AskPontifex hashtag. As you would imagine, they're going to have a lot of weeding to do.

Here are some of the questions that his holiness will probably not be answering in a week's time:

Should've seen this one coming, fellas.

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