Pope Francis Upstaged By Young Boy

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On Saturday Pope Francis gave a speech at the Vatican. Several children were invited to sit near the front of the stage while the Pope addressed an audience of thousands at St Peter's Square. For one boy, sitting among the other children wasn't enough. He decided to kick-it on stage with the Pope.

Vatican security tried to shoo the boy off stage to no avail -- this boy had already booked his personal play date with the Pope and he wasn't going anywhere.

The boy's real name has not been revealed to protect his privacy, but ABC News has christened him 'Carlos'. Carlos stood by the Pontiff's side for about 20 minutes that evening. He at one point kissed the Pope's Papal necklace to which the Pope smiled and patted him on the head. Carlos also sat in the Pope's chair, clung to the Pope's leg mid-speech and even acted as a host by leading a young girl on stage to meet the Pope.

Many in the media are calling this boy's antics cute, but was it? Would you consider it cute if you were trying to give an important speech to an audience of thousands and some kid upstaged you -- waving to the crowd, sitting in your chair, clinging to your leg? God bless the Pope for his patience.

Ok  seriously, where the hell...ahem...I mean where in heaven's name were Carlos' parents ? Did they put him up to this? His parents say they had nothing to do with Carlos' behavior. Turns out Carlos is a 6-year-old orphan from Colombia that was adopted by an Italian family last year. His mother put out a message via social media saying "The blessing our son received goes out to all the abandoned children in this world."

(photo via  KTNV video)


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