PopCap Shuts Down Its Dublin Studio


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One month ago, it was announced that PopCap games would be reorganizing its studios and laying off employees. At the time, it was stated that around 50 employees, mostly from PopCap headquarters in Seattle, would see layoffs. PopCap co-founder John Vechey posted a well-worded blog entry about how much losing your job and firing people sucks. The statement was heartfelt and just about the most kind way (if there is one) to announce layoffs.

Today, though, word has come down through Twitter that PopCap's studio in Dublin, Ireland has been closed. Word first came through (now former) Associate Producer at PopCap Mobile JP Vaughan, who posted the word to his twitter account.

He followed this up with the news that the people at the studio have had 30 days to prepare for the shutdown. Meanwhile, Stu Taylor, dirctor of international public relations at PopCap, tweeted a more lighthearted version of the announcement:

Joystiq is quoting an unnamed source with saying the closure took place this morning after an 11 am meeting and that 96 people lost their jobs over the past month.

(via All Games Beta)