PopCap Launches Solitaire Blitz On Facebook

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PopCap Games, one of the first developers to get casual gaming right and helped start the revolution that we see today in Facebook games, has just announced the next game that players are going to get stuck in.

PopCap today announced the launch of Solitaire Blitz. PopCap is one of those developers that takes a simple idea an runs with and Solitaire Blitz is no different. The main goal in Solitaire Blitz is the same in regular Solitaire - clearing the deck. The catch that earns the game the word Blitz in its title is that players only have 60 seconds to clear their deck.

If that sounds intimidating, there are ways to augment the experience that make the game easier. Players can collect treasure that is converted into silver which allows them to buy in-game powerups.

“We’ve taken the world’s most well-known card game and created an exciting new social version using PopCap’s incredibly popular time-based Blitz mechanic made famous by Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz,” said Scott Willoughby, marketing manager for PopCap Games. “We’ve evolved a traditionally solitary pastime into a friendly, shared experience that’s fun for all ages.”

Knowing PopCap, they probably have another hit on their hands. I don't think any of their games have done poorly and they even have a solid reputation with the hardcore gaming community after the excellent Plants Vs. Zombies.

The game is available now to play on Facebook.

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