Police Shoot Suspect's Car at Florida Airport


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Jacksonville, Florida authorities this week revealed that police were involved in a shooting in a parking garage at Jacksonville International Airport.

Jacksonville Police Chief Tom Hackney stated that police were following up on a car theft case from earlier this month. Police were able to follow 20-year-old Rodney Lorenzo Addison (pictured) to a rental car return parking garage at the airport and block his car in. The suspect began ramming police cars without regard for the officers standing in front of them in an attempt to escape, causing one officer to fire at the car.

Addison was able to drive away, but the car was later found at a nearby apartment complex. An unidentified 17-year-old male who was in the car with Addison was shot in the leg by the officer in the parking garage. He has been treated at a nearby hospital, and is now cooperating with police. Another unidentified male was in the car during the airport confrontation. Addison remains at large, and is currently wanted for a variety of charges, including some related to attempting to run over police officers. Hackney made it clear that police believe Addison to be dangerous, and possibly armed.

Jacksonville police are currently searching the car the suspect was driving at the time of the incident. Authorities have learned that the car, a white Crown Victoria, was reported stolen on May 9.