Police Academy's Bubba Smith Dies, Twitter Says Goodbye

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NFL Football star and successful actor Bubba Smith died last night at the age of 66.

The top overall pick of the 1967 draft enjoyed an illustrious football career, winning a Super Bowl in 1971 with the Baltimore Colts. He is thought of as one of the most ferocious defensive players ever to play the game.

According to reports, he died of natural causes.

To non-sports fans, Smith was probably best known for appearing in the Police Academy films. Smith played Moses Hightower, the soft-spoken officer who in his six film appearances would rise from Cadet, to Officer, Sergeant and eventually Lieutenant by Police Academy 6.

He also starred in the 1980s "taste great, less filling" Miller Lite ad campaign, shooting multiple commercials with other NFL stars as well as John Madden and even Rodney Dangerfield. Check out the "easy open can" commercial below -

The Twitterverse is reacting to his passing -

RIP Police Academy's Bubba Smith. Apparently Michael Winslow has been asked to perform a 21 gun salute at his funeral. 7 hours ago via twicca · powered by @socialditto

Bubba Smith from the Police Academy movies has sadly gone to the Big Blue Oyster Bar in the sky. 6 hours ago via TweetList Pro · powered by @socialditto

RIP Bubba Smith aka Hightower a trail blazer for us big people in the acting game and a true sporting icon, sleep tight big man. 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

"I used to tackle the whole backfield, then toss them out until I found the one with the ball."
- Bubba Smith 6 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

R.I.P. to NFL great Bubba Smith, one of my favorite players growing up. Emulated him often playing football in the backyard as a kid. 8 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

According to TMZ, Bubba Smith's final appearance on film might not see distribution. The film, a Police Academy spoof called DaZe: Vol. Too, is finished and in post-production. The film also stars Gary Busey and is described on IMDB as "a post modern avant guard (sic) dramedy musical non-musical told nonlinearly." The film is apparently in distribution hell as of now.

For more on Bubba Smith and to leave your thoughts, check out his page on Famous Dead.

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