Pokemon Pick-up Lines Work Wonders


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Simple Pickup has stumbled onto pick-up artist gold with their latest video of "Pokemon Pick Up Lines". In the history of Pokemon, no one has every thought the game would one day get them laid, but somehow it works for these guys.

Top lines include:

"Gotta Catch'em All... STDs that is."

"You just made my Weedle use String Shot."

"My Caterpie just turned into a Metapod."

"When it comes to sex, do you like it fast, or are you a fan of the Slowpoke"

The best line by far has to be "I would love to Squirtle all over your face", to which the girl responds "I'd love to take a Pikachu later". She's a keeper.

And if all of those fail, just shout "I got a first edition Charzard - Holographic".

At first glance I thought this was just a "make fun of people on the street" type video, like Kassem G. But these guys are actual pick-up artists, and have been featured on Nightline.

[via: Kotaku]