Pokemon Conquest For DS Launches June 18


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Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon game for the DS called Pokemon Conquest. The game is the English language version of the existing Japanese game "Pokemon + Nobanga's Ambition". It is in 2D, not 3D, like the Black and White 2 game scheduled to release later this year.

The traditional children characters are replaced this time around with a Japanese warlord. The warlord will set out to recruit warrior allegiances with his Pokemon sidekick, meeting Pokemon and feudal Japanese warriors and warlords in his quest to strengthen his kingdom. The game features 200 Pokemon and fuses strategy RPG elements into the traditional Pokemon style gameplay to make for a unique Pokemon experience.

Pokemon Conquest isn't made by Nintendo, instead the company outsourced the development to Tecmo Koei.

Here is the trailer for the Japanese version of the game, since Nintendo has not release one for the American version yet. Even though it is in Japanese, you can still see some of the main characters and get a feel for the different style of gameplay.

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