'Pokemon Bank' Subscription App Announced For 3DS

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The release of Pokemon X & Y earlier this year ushered in the first 3DS Pokemon title. Veteran Pokemon fans now have the opportunity to expand their Pokemon collections with dozens of new creature types.

Today, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing a 3DS app to help Pokemon players keep track of and manage their caught Pokemon. Called the Pokemon Bank, the app will show up on the 3DS eShop on December 27.

Though the app will be free to download, it will require a subscription to use. Using the app will cost players $5 per year, though players who download the app between its release and the end of January will receive a free 30 days of the app.

The Pokemon Bank will allow players to manage up to 3,000 Pokemon. A companion app called the Poke Transporter, which comes with the download of the Bank, will allow players to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Black and White, and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Pokemon can also be transferred between multiple copies of Pokemon X & Y using the apps.

A preview of the Pokemon Bank and its functions was released today. It shows off how Pokemon will be sorted and how they can be moved easily between games. It also teases a filtering feature that will certainly be useful for Pokemon fans that really have caught 'em all:

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