P!nk Named Billboard's Woman of the Year

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Music's bad girl P!nk accepted the award for Woman of the Year at Billboard's annual Women in Music luncheon in New York City.

Check out highlights from the luncheon and P!nk's acceptance speech here.

"I think today is going to be very inspiring. I'm excited about the whole thing, celebrating women," said the honored pop star prior to the event.

Another fierce female walking the red carpet prior to the award luncheon was fellow music diva, Janelle Monáe.

"Oh I love P!nk," she said. "You know over the years she's been so fearless. I love her fearlessness-that's what I admire. She just goes for it in her performances, in her messages in her music, everything. She goes for it."

Monáe was being honored as well, being named Billboard's 2013 rising star.

Of course, leave it to the candid P!nk to share her honest thoughts about receiving the honorable title.

"I have had an incredible year, it's been insane. It's been blessing after blessing after blessing. I have a really bad memory so I feel like at this point my whole life's been awesome. I'm like Dory from "Nemo." My husband tells me I only remember the bad shit but I think that's changing. Because now honey boo boo boo, thanks to Billboard and Cover Girl my shit doesn't stink," said P!nk.

The 34-year-old musician kept it light while shifting to a more serious note during her speech.

"Honestly, if I can be serious, and I don't really like to be, this is an incredible honor. I'm feeling really grateful. I'm feeling grateful that I've been able to participate in this game for as long as I have. I'm feeling grateful that I've been able to tell my stories. I don't know that my mom and dad are that grateful, or Carey, but it's been good for me. I'm grateful if I've kept one girl from felling different or ugly or un-empowered."

Her speech was heartfelt and genuine leaving a powerful impact on the listeners. Towards the end of her speech, she offered up a message to young girls everywhere, further justifying why she indeed was named Woman of the Year.

"Here's what I wish. I wish that girls embraced their power and their worth and their value in their youth, and not sell it or barter it for anything and have to buy it back later in life."

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