Playstation Network Outage Gets Funny or Die Treatment

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In a video, brought to you by the National Nerd Relief Fund, or NIRF, the folks over at Funny or Die warn us about the scourge of vampiric man-children that are taking to the streets, forced out of their basements by the recent week-long PSN outage.

Check it out:

Of course, thankfully, the threat of procreation could not be lower.

There is still no word on when the PSN will be back up and running.  Latest statements have suggested that it could be a while, as Sony says it must "verify smooth operation" before it re-launches.

PS3 owners were given the news yesterday that much of their personal information had been compromised during the hack, and that could possibly include credit card numbers.

Hopefully, the PSN will get back on its feet pretty soon, as millions of gamers are struggling right now with a lack of buttons to push.

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