PlayStation All-Stars Zeus, Isaac Trailers Released

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While most of the fighting game news for the past few weeks has involved epic battles between D.C. Comics superheroes in the Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament, Sony would like to remind gamers that their whimsical Smash Bros. clone is only a few months old.

Sony this week released new videos showcasing the new characters coming to PlayStation All-Stars BAttle Royale. Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke will be joining the brawler with his RIG suit and plasma cutter, while Zeus as depicted in the God of War series will be bringing the thunder of Olympus.

In addition to the new fighters, Sony will be adding a new MediEvil stage that also blends elements of The Unfinished Swan. In the middle of a fight the level background may be wiped and then slowly revealed with ink splotches. Both the fighters and the new stage will be available starting March 19.

Isaac's video shows the engineer using his many tools, including the plasma cutter, ripper blades, and kinesis and stasis modules. His level 3 super blows other fighters out an airlock, where Isaac uses them for target practice.

Zeus will use hard punches, lightning strikes, and teleports while fighting. His level 3 super transports fighters to Mount Olympus, where he submits them to a God of War-style boss fight.

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