PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Premiere Trailer


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Since the debut of Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64, there has been a clamoring for something like that but using the vast amounts of Playstation-centric characters. Well the wait is over! Today on the official Playstation Blog, developer SuperBot Entertainment announced the upcoming "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale."

This side scrolling brawler features a ton of your favorit characters, but as of right now, only 6 have been shown. The Fat Princess from PSN game Fat Princess, A helgan Soldier from the Killzone games, Kratos from the God of War franchise, Parappa the Rapper from the PSP game Parrapa the Rapper, Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper games, and Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal games. Each character will have it's own special set of abilities such as the princess gaining powers from cake, and Kratos having the powers of the gods at his disposal.

One of the cooler features of the game are the background environments. Each level features 2 great Playstation universes thrown together. In one of the levels shown, it features Hades being invaded by an army of Patapons. Another level shows Littlebigplanet being taken over by game show game Buzz!

As of press time, the game does not have a release date, but there will be more revealed at E3. We will keep you updated on everything involved with this game! Check out the official trailer below!

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