Playing The Titanfall Beta This Week? Here Are Some Tips

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Titanfall may be the most anticipated shooter of the year and for good reason - it's really good. Those who have been playing the beta this weekend can attest to that fact. Now more players will be able to try it out as the Xbox One beta is now available to all while the PC beta is open to all who signed up for the beta before February 15. Before those players jump in though, they might want to check out these tips.

Xbox shared a video that explains one of the more interesting concepts in Titanfall - burn cards. These are like perks in Call of Duty, but can only be used once per life. They can be activated either at the start of a match, or when your respawn in after death. They will remain active until you are killed. They also are used up upon your death so you'll have to earn that particular burn card again if you liked its effect.

So, what kind of effects can you expect from burn cards? Effects range from increased player mobility to weapon replacements. For example, a burn card can replace the regular ammo in your sniper rifle to one with explosive rounds for one life. Another example is that you can summon an Ogre Titan instead of the usual Atlas for a turn.

Before you start playing, you might want to familiarize yourself with the two maps available in the beta - Angel City and Fracture. Both maps provide opportunities for fans of different play styles to try out different strategies.

Last but not least, here's a preview of what you're missing:

Image via xbox/YouTube

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