Playable 16-bit Borderlands "De-Make" Revealed


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Gearbox has certainly given its marketers free reign to be as creative as they can be. The Borderlands 2 launch trailer featured some ridiculous promises such as "870 GAJILLION MORE GUNS" and even more ridiculous dubstep. The Wimoweh trailer might just be the best trailer of the year. The limited edition of Borderlands 2 comes with a replica loot chest and looks amazing.

The latest bit of Borderlands 2-excitement-building from Gearbox is a playable, 16-bit version of the original Borderlands. Called The Border Lands, Gearbox is making up a long history for its new franchise, starting with the 1989 version. The game was sent to media outlets on floppy disks, and thankfully included a USB floppy disk drive.

For everyone who can't get their hands on a copy of the marketing materials, the game is available to play online. For a review of the 16-bit game, check out this version of what an amateur YouTube review might have looked like in the late 80's:

The Borderlands 2 launch is now less than one month away. It will kick off what is sure to be another big holiday season for gaming, with Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4, and other blockbuster titles hitting the shelves soon after. It may be, though, that Borderlands 2's gun-collecting mayhem could overshadow everything else with pure co-op fun.