Plastic Surgeon Gets Personal With 100,000 Followers On Twitter

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John LeRoy is one of the most active plastic surgeons on the social network with a Twitter following @JohnLLeRoyJrMD of over 100,000. Dr. LeRoy is committed to having a strong online presence and has always been an early adopter of technology as one of the first Atlanta practices to have a website back in 1996. Dr. LeRoy uses the web to help improve the experience and facilitate communications with patients. According to Dr. LeRoy, "Technology, social media and quality patient care have become tightly interwoven over the past few years and play an important role in enhancing patient care, particularly in the field of cosmetic enhancements."

Dr. LeRoy uses the web in a variety of ways to provide personalized, quality and enhanced care to his patients. He keeps them up to date with the latest advancements in plastic surgery and provides patients with easy access to information and education. By utilizing social platforms, his patients have the ability to easily contact him or other experienced experts and professionals for advice and dialogue.

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"Social Media is personal," adds Dr. LeRoy. "Patients can ask questions and get expert opinions now as opposed to throwing their question out on a message board, as done previously, and receiving feedback from unknown individuals." Reaching 100,000 Twitter followers presents a unique opportunity for this popular, tech-saavy Surgeon to provide a vast number of patients with the information they need regarding plastic surgery and it's benefits.

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