'Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare' Gameplay Previewed


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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was one of the most surprising games that EA has announced in the past half-decade. The Popcap-developed console shooter takes the whimsy from the Plants vs. Zombies mobile games and shoves it into what appears to be the best shooter EA has published in years.

When the game'e release date was announced (February 18, a timed exclusive for Xbox consoles) Popcap released a long look at the title's gameplay. That video showed off several classes of both plants and zombies battling it out in a silly-looking, but solid deathmatch arena.

Today Popcap has provided another long gameplay preview of Garden Warfare. This video previews the "Gardens and Graveyards" mode seen in the game.

As Popcap producer Brian Lindley states as the video's narrator, Garden's and Graveyards plays like a mix of Battlefield's Rush and Conquest modes. Zombies must tray and capture plant gardens by raising tombstones while the plants try and fend them off.

If nothing else, the new video shows that Garden Warfare will bring some color and silliness to the increasingly drab and serious world of console shooters: