Plane Crashes Into Apartment Building After Engine Dies

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A small, two-seater plane crashed into a Virginia apartment building early this morning after the engine died, authorities say.

61-year old William Larson of Vienna and Tache L. Alejandro of Orlando were reportedly taking infrared photos when the plane began having electrical issues. The plane, which was also low on fuel, crashed into the third-floor living room of an apartment in Herndon, injuring a woman who lived there. She is expected to recover, however. Alejandro was treated at the scene for injuries and Larson was taken to a nearby hospital for serious injuries. The plane came to rest about five feet from a child's bedroom.

Several people had to be evacuated from the building; residents say the noise was incredible.

“My husband felt the building shake. He woke me up and then we were running,” said Glendanid Colon, who lives in the building. “Thank God everyone is alive. My fear was that the plane would explode.”

Everyone else in the building walked away unharmed, but the building itself is severely damaged. The Red Cross is reportedly helping those who had to be evacuated. An investigation is ongoing.

Image: Virginia State Police

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