Pizza-Scented Perfume By Demeter Fragrance Library: Yay or Nay?


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For all you die-hard pizza fans out there, there is a new perfume on the market that may just satisfy your inner hunger.

Demeter Fragrance Library features a new pizza-scented perfume for $20 on their web site.

According to its description:

"Pizza is a departure even for Demeter, stretching the boundary of the concept of wearable fragrance. But we had to try – tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, a touch of oregano – perfectly balanced for the adventurous.

The history of Pizza, both the word and the food, is a murky and uncertain one. What is clear is Pizza, in one form or another, by one name or another, has been around for thousands of years, and will probably be around for thousands more.  And now, Demeter has memorialized that fabulous scent, as well."

Some speculate that the idea of smelling like pizza is a bit extreme, but CEO Mark Crames tells ABC News that this “weird” perfume steps outside the norms within the perfume industry.

Crames says that his company was inspired by the limited-time fragrance released by Pizza Hut Canada in 2012 and decided to give it a shot.

“In the past we shied away from scents like pizza, bacon, gunpowder and blood, thinking they were not wearable," he told NBC News. "I realized, we are the leader, we set the trend and if people [move] past us we are missing the boat."

Other bizarre fragrances include: Gin & Tonic, Funeral Home, Sushi, Laundromat and Dirt.

Dirt alone sounds, well, very dirty.

However, Crames says that his line is meant to ignite one's memory of real-life encounters with various scents.

“We design fragrances inspired by real objects. You experience the emotional response."

Most reviewers on the Demeter store web site have definitely confirmed that Pizza leaves a lasting impression on their sense of smell:

“I bought this sheerly for the novelty of it. For me personally, I have no desire to walk around leaving a trail of cheese scent and tomato sauce, regardless of how yummy it smells. And yummy, it is! This fragrance captures the warm essence of an oven-fresh pizza. The opening notes of sauce and cheese are authentic, then they fade into the background as baked dough aroma takes center stage. The dry-down perfectly replicates savory Italian-seasoned breads. If I were to whiff this between meals, it would surely drive me crazy and activate my appetite. It's THAT realistic! It gets 4 stars from me: 4 because it showcases the genius noses behind Demeter, but not 5 because honestly I cannot think of a practical application for this scent.”

While some may not wear the fragrance with pride, others say they would definitely walk around smelling like the “yummy” oven-roasted dish:

“I was too curious about this one to not try it...and I am shocked by it! It truly smells like pizza! The first hit is sweet tomatoes and mozzarella...then the second hit is a doughy, Parmesan crusted garlic knot type of smell. It's really complex and I would even wear it because it's delicious!”

Are you daring enough to go out smelling like the inside of a pizza box?

Check out this short report and review done by Shepard Smith:

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