Pixie Cut Looks Good on Pam Anderson!

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The pixie cut seems to be the biggest trend in hair right now, and for good reason. It's adorable and easy. According to Yahoo, the newest celeb to jump on the bandwagon is none other than Pam Anderson herself!

She was spotted out and about with ex-husband, Rick Salomon, who she annulled her marriage with in 2008 and has claimed as her "friend with benefits". They were out in L.A. on Wednesday, with Pam sporting the new cut in addition to some very uncharacteristic conservative clothing.

The beach babe/mom forsook her usual skimpy attire for a cardigan and tank combo, and I gotta say, she looked really great! Her color survived the makeover and brings to mind another fellow pixie-puller-offer, Charlize Theron. She has been sporting her fabulous pixie since shaving her head for "Mad Max" last year.

These two look-alikes are not the only lucky girls that are able to pull off this adorable look. Several celebs have recently taken the plunge and had their hair chopped off in the name of style and ease. Take Anne Hathaway, for instance, who has been sporting her pixie since shaving her head on camera in "Les Miserables". Then there's Ginnifer Goodwin, who looks like a cute little pixie!

Of course there's pixie newbie Jennifer Hudson, who looks good no matter the hairstyle. She just debuted her new look at the BET Black Girls Rock event on Saturday. And who could forget Beyonce's pixie? Well, maybe you did, because she only kept it for a few days.

I love this cut! It's so cute and easy looking but it seems like only a select few can pull it off. What do you think? Is it only for the blessed few with a celebrity face or is it the cut for the masses?

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