Pitt Says Face Blindness Is Limiting His Social Life


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Brad Pitt may have face blindness and he says the disorder is impacting his social life.

In a recent Esquire interview, Pitt says that he thinks he has prosopagnosia - a disorder that makes it impossible for the affected to remember faces. He told the magazine that the disorder makes it hard for him to meet new people as he won't remember their faces the next time he meets them. This makes it seem like he's being rude, and people tend to not like him as a result.

He says that some people are helpful by providing him some context over how they met, but most people think he's being egotistical. He says that's not the case. As a result, he says that he's limiting his time outside so as not to accidentally offend anybody.

Of course, Pitt only thinks he suffers from face blindness, and has not received an official diagnosis. To that end, Carnegie-Mellon University has offered to perform a free brain scan on Pitt to find out if he suffers from face blindness. He has yet to take them up on the offer.

The revelation that Pitt may suffer from face blindness isn't the first juicy bit of info to come out of his recent interview with Esquire. The star also commented on his former marriage to Jennifer Aniston saying he was a drifter during those years.