Pit Bull Attack: Indiana Man Mauled to Death by the Family Pet on Christmas Day

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An Indiana man was killed on Christmas day by his family's pet pit bull.

According to RTV6, the Porter County Coroner, Chuck Harris, confirmed that Edward Cahill, 40, died from injuries sustained in the attack.

Although no one witnessed the attack in Cahill's Portage, Indiana home, he reportedly suffered multiple severe bite injuries to his arms and face, resulting in massive blood loss.

Alone at the time of his death, his body was discovered when his family returned home later that evening.

“It was just a freak accident,” his wife, Blanca Rodriguez, told The Post-Tribune.

Harris speculated that the dog became aggressive when Cahill gave her a rawhide bone for Christmas.

“He loved his dogs. That’s all I can say, and I think it’s something that just went wrong,” Rodriguez said.

Police say there were two pit bulls in the home but only one demonstrated aggressive behavior when it was given a bone. That dog was removed from the home and later euthanized.

Cahill's death remains under investigation.

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