Pippi Longstocking Star Arrested For Hit And Run

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"Pippi Longstocking" star Tami Erin was arrested on Saturday for DUI and felony hit-and-run after she allegedly smashed into three cars three different times and left the scenes.

Erin was arrested in L.A. and given a field sobriety test, which she failed, according to authorities. Police described her as "totally out of control" and promptly hauled her to jail, where her bail was set at $100,000. She was later released, but it's not clear when she will be going to court.

Erin starred in the hugely popular "The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking" in 1988 but has been mostly out of the public eye since then. She did star in her own sex tape, which her ex-boyfriend tried to sell to various media outlets; instead, she took the situation into her own hands and released it herself.

“I’m happy I took control of the situation and made a decision as a strong independent woman. I love who I am and I love my sexuality … I’ve seen the sex tape now and it’s hot," Erin told RadarOnline.com. “Making love is beautiful and a very important part of a relationship. Everyone does it, everyone has sex … I’m a famous actress caught doing it.”

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