Pippa Middleton: 5 Reasons People Think She's Rad

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Pippa Middleton has been garnering fans practically since her sister has, and she didn't even have to marry a member of royalty to do it. Now that she's in the public eye a lot more, however, she's gotten her share of critics--most notably, designer Karl Lagerfeld, who recently went so far as to say that he's not fond of her face, and that she should only be seen from the back.

That's pretty harsh, Karl. And to prove it, I'm going to list some of the reasons her fans think she's awesome.

1. She was a Brownie.


2. She has an entire Facebook page--over 250,000 strong--dedicated to her ass.


3. Oh, you like her ass? Well she's gonna show you her boobs! (Well, sideboob) Take that, booty lovers!


4. She can wear this hat and get away with it.


5. She was included in a Lifetime movie about her sister's romance with Prince William.


(Tip of the hat to Buzzfeed for the pics)

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