Pinterest's 'Promoted Pin' Ads Make Their Debut

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Today is the first day that you might see some advertisements on Pinterest.

The company has just announced that their "promoted pin" test, which they announced a couple of weeks ago, has officially begun.

"We wanted to let you know that we are starting our first test with promoting pins today, so you may spot a few in your search results or category feeds on the web or in mobile apps. They work just like regular pins, only they have a special “promoted” label, along with a link to learn more about what that means. Remember we’re still just testing things out right now, so we’d really like to hear what you think. We’ll be listening closely to what you have to say, and will continue to keep you posted about how things go," says Pinterest.

As you can see above, the pins are clearly marked as promoted - but other than that they seem to fit right in with the rest of your organic pins.

This is all still in its testing phase, so it's not going to overwhelm your feeds or anything.

“Pinterest is where you keep your wishlists, vacation plans, dream home ideas, and other things you want to do soon and in the future. That’s why for us, it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay. To help make sure it does, we’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses," said CEO Ben Silbermann a couple of weeks ago.

In other words, we need to make some money. Ads are always going to pop up on your favorite services, eventually. It's inevitable. Just ask Instagram.

Image via Pinterest Blog

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