Pinterest Wedding: Man Surprises Girlfriend Using Her Pins

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Pinterest has become one of those addictive, go-to sites that people of all ages turn to when they need to feel inspired, and for a young woman who sees a wedding in her future, it can be the best source to find ideas for the ceremony and reception as well as a place to keep all the ideas together. Gone are the days of a big, overstuffed scrapbook filled with magazine cutouts of gowns and flower arrangements (think Monica from "Friends"); now, we just pin what we want.

One woman had over 200 pins for her dream wedding, and they all served as inspiration for her boyfriend when he decided to surprise her with a proposal and a wedding on the same day.

27-year old Ryan Leak said that from the moment he overheard his girlfriend Amanda Roman say she thought it was a cute idea, he knew it was what he wanted to do; but how to go about it? A girl wants to pick out her own dress, her flowers, the food, the cake. That's when he realized she'd planned everything out already, in her own way.

“She planned the entire wedding, without even knowing she planned the entire wedding,” Leak said.

He took to Pinterest and gathered info about her picks, got some help from friends and family, and flew Amanda from Texas to Florida, saying they were going to help a friend move. When they arrived, everything was set up...even her hairdresser and a makeup artist were on hand, ready to make everything perfect.

“The day was even better than how I would have planned it,” Roman said. “Realistically I never thought that I would be able to pull off some of the things I saw on Pinterest, but Ryan is a risk-taker and he didn’t settle for my watered-down version of my ‘dream wedding’ — he went for the gusto.”

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